The Lineup: Assistant Coach Halsey Diakow


Editor’s Note: Halsey Diakow is serving as an assistant coach of the women’s national team. Halsey joins the staff after competing as a member of the Israel National team that placed fourth at the 2015 European Championships. She is coaching in honor of Friends of the IDF (FIDF). The following is Halsey’s reflection on what representing Israel means to her and includes an explanation of why she has chosen to support FIDF in conjunction with the Israel Lacrosse Tzedakah Program. Follow this link to support Halsey, FIDF, and Israel Lacrosse.

“Judaism has enriched my life in so many ways. Notably, my Birthright experience had a particularly profound impact on the trajectory of my life. Initially it persuaded me to invest more fully in the Hillel on my campus and inspired me to study Hebrew. Later, reflecting on that experience led me to return to Israel to work and live and become a citizen.

Being immersed in the culture of this country has been eye opening and extremely rewarding. Living and working on a kibbutz while studying in an intensive Hebrew class helped me feel swiftly and strongly connected to this beautiful country. But more than anything, getting to know the people in smaller communities has provided me with new perspectives of the world and the people in it, including myself. It is the people who opened their doors and their hearts (and their refrigerators) that made Israel feel like home.

Our team and our country are special because representing Israel means representing a country whose people extend beyond its physical borders. I am honored to wear the blue and white and to be an ambassador for Israel and all those who feel connected to her.

I will be coaching in honor of Friends of the IDF, whose mission is “to offer educational, cultural, recreational, and social services programs and facilities that provide hope, purpose, and life-changing support for the soldiers who protect Israel and Jews worldwide.”

I hope that our efforts will help sustain this organization, which continues to do tremendous work for those who defend our country day after day and year after year.” – HD

Now that you’ve met the whole team, be sure to stay tuned for more information during the months of preparation for our competition. Thank you in advance for all of your support! 

Everything Israel Lacrosse does is 100% accomplished through fundraising. We cannot grow the game of lacrosse, help Israel’s youth develop active lifestyles and leadership skills, and perform competitively on the international stage without your help.

Follow this link to support Halsey Diakow, FIDF, and Israel Lacrosse

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Halsey, originally from New York, graduated from Cornell University in 2009. She moved to Israel in April 2015 and currently resides near Haifa on Kibbutz Yagur where she studies Hebrew in an intensive Ulpan course and cares for animals at the kibbutz zoo. She trains and competes with Team Israel and is working to grow the game of lacrosse throughout the country.