The Lineup: Jayme Verman


Editor’s Note: Jayme Verman lives in Ashkelon, Israel and she will play forward for the blue-and-white. She is competing in honor of Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind. The following is Jayme’s reflection on what representing Israel means to her and includes an explanation of why she has chosen to support Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind in conjunction with the Israel Lacrosse Tzedakah Program. Follow this link to support Jayme, Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind, and Israel Lacrosse.

“Although both of my parents are Jewish, I had a Bat Mitzvah, and regularly attend synagogue and religious school classes, I never feel as connected to Judaism as when I am in Israel.  Before getting involved with Israel Lacrosse, I traveled to Israel with my parents, sister, and grandparents.  My grandfather is heavily involved with Israeli non-profit organizations and with the country in general.  It was so amazing to see how proud he was to bring his grandchildren there, and now, to see his pride for me as I establish my own relationship with Israel.

I am beyond proud to be representing a country that has allowed me to feel connected and passionate about my beliefs, something in which I was never able to share with others while growing up in a small town.  I am excited to make my grandparents proud, and I am even more excited to share this pride with a country that has done so much for me.

I will be competing in honor of the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind.  I have a very personal connection with the organization through my grandfather, who is life-long friends with the founder of the Center.  This past summer, I visited the Guide Dog Center and met the founder, Noach, who was pleased to see the influence my grandfather has had on me.  I also toured the Center for the second time in my life and fell in love with the cause.

I admire the organization’s values in helping people become more confident and successful, even with the difficulties they might face.  I also love animals, so I feel a personal connection to the dogs who give their lives in order to help their owners.  I plan to continue to volunteer my time to the Center and support the inspiring message they share with the world.” – JV

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Everything Israel Lacrosse does is 100% accomplished through fundraising. We cannot grow the game of lacrosse, help Israel’s youth develop active lifestyles and leadership skills, and perform competitively on the international stage without your help.

Follow this link to support Jayme Verman, Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind, and Israel Lacrosse

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Halsey, originally from New York, graduated from Cornell University in 2009. She moved to Israel in April 2015 and currently resides near Haifa on Kibbutz Yagur where she studies Hebrew in an intensive Ulpan course and cares for animals at the kibbutz zoo. She trains and competes with Team Israel and is working to grow the game of lacrosse throughout the country.