The Lineup: Ali Steinberg


Editor’s Note: Ali Steinberg is originally from Suffern, NY and she will play midfield for the blue-and-white. She is competing in honor of Sticks for Kids. The following is Ali’s reflection on what representing Israel means to her and includes an explanation of why she has chosen to support Sticks for Kids in conjunction with the Israel Lacrosse Tzedakah Program. Follow this link to support Ali, Sticks for Kids, and Israel Lacrosse.

“I’m excited to represent something bigger than a school or program.  Being able to represent a country that has fought and worked so hard to establish itself gives me a sense of pride in something that I have never felt before.

On top of that, I am representing the Steinberg name and what that means and in turn to make my family proud.  My parents have always instilled the importance of the culture and the country of Israel.  I can now do exactly what they have always preached about and be able to represent the Jewish culture and community on such a grand scale.  This team means more than playing lacrosse, it means that I can carry on the values that I grew up with and continue to spread what being Jewish means.

The first time I wore the Star of David on my jersey is something I will never forget.  I had been out of college for about three years at that point and did not have much desire to get back into the game.  When I played in that scrimmage though, I felt something very different.  The instant chemistry I felt with the girls on the team, and the selflessness and grit that they all displayed felt unique to any other team I had once represented.  The way all the girls were able to have fun and be proud to be wearing the jersey was something that instantly affected my attitude and excitement to be on the field standing beside them.

I will be competing in honor of Sticks For Kids, a program that engages and empowers at-risk youth around the world through the sport of lacrosse.  The game serves as a mechanism to develop youth leadership skills, cultivate an environment of inclusivity and collaboration, and to combat feelings of isolation and apathy.   Being a Physical Education teacher, it has always been my passion to inspire kids through sports and physical activity.  The mission of SFK mirrors the reason I chose to be a Physical Education teacher.” – AS

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Everything Israel Lacrosse does is 100% accomplished through fundraising. We cannot grow the game of lacrosse, help Israel’s youth develop active lifestyles and leadership skills, and perform competitively on the international stage without your help.

Follow this link to support Ali Steinberg, Sticks for Kids and Israel Lacrosse

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Halsey, originally from New York, graduated from Cornell University in 2009. She moved to Israel in April 2015 and currently resides near Haifa on Kibbutz Yagur where she studies Hebrew in an intensive Ulpan course and cares for animals at the kibbutz zoo. She trains and competes with Team Israel and is working to grow the game of lacrosse throughout the country.