The Lineup: Rachel Minarovich


Editor’s Note: Rachel Minarovich lives in Netanya, Israel and she will play midfield for the blue-and-white. She is competing in honor of Sharsheret. The following is Rachel’s reflection on what representing Israel means to her and includes an explanation of why she has chosen to support Sharsheret in conjunction with the Israel Lacrosse Tzedakah Program. Follow this link to support Rachel, Sharsheret, and Israel Lacrosse.


“In my final year at Saint Mary’s College, I surpassed my conference draw-control record which I had been striving for all year.  More importantly, that morning was when I said goodbye to my grandfather for the last time.  He told me to go and win, and in that moment after the game, I felt as if we had won specifically for him.

Lacrosse to me is much more than a sport or activity.  It is an inspiring and meaningful act and I feel every player has the potential to exude confidence, passion, and great athleticism.  That was certainly what I felt in myself and my team that day.

I’m very excited to not only represent Team Israel on the field, but, to serve as a role model for young girls throughout the country by promoting the sport in schools, community centers, and our after-school youth lacrosse programs.  The lacrosse community, although growing rapidly, is small.  The amount of Jewish and Israeli lacrosse players is much smaller!

Since I first visited Israel when I was 13, the country has been incredibly enlightening.   I loved experiencing the culture and learning about our rich history.  Since I have made Aliyah, I have continued to grow this connection with my homeland, over the course of my participation with the team and beyond.

I will be competing in honor of Sharsheret, a non-profit organization which aims to support Jewish women with breast or ovarian cancer issues.  Having personally lost loved ones to cancer, I wish to participate in the fight to find a cure and support those who are facing these diseases today.” – RM

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Everything Israel Lacrosse does is 100% accomplished through fundraising. We cannot grow the game of lacrosse, help Israel’s youth develop active lifestyles and leadership skills, and perform competitively on the international stage without your help.

Follow this link to support Rachel Minarovich, Sharsheret, and Israel Lacrosse

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Halsey, originally from New York, graduated from Cornell University in 2009. She moved to Israel in April 2015 and currently resides near Haifa on Kibbutz Yagur where she studies Hebrew in an intensive Ulpan course and cares for animals at the kibbutz zoo. She trains and competes with Team Israel and is working to grow the game of lacrosse throughout the country.