Despite rocket fire back home, Israel dominates World Championship group play

Israel lacrosse celebration

The men of Israel Lacrosse are absolutely operating at the highest of levels right now in Denver but nonetheless keeping the weight of the turmoil in the Holy Land on their hearts. It’s hard to play lacrosse halfway across the globe when your friends, family and community are always under constant attack from senseless rocket fire, but instead of worrying, these men use it as fuel for their fire.

Israel Lacrosse is prepared to compete against Ireland in the first round of bracket play at the 2014 FIL World Lacrosse Championship, Israel and 9th-ranked Ireland Lacrosse faceoff at 11:30 AM today (8:30 PM Israel time) in a first round playoff match. The game will be streamed live via PPV at Coaches Aid.

So far outscoring their opponents 55-8, Israel has not had much competition in the Orange division against Slovakia, Sweden and Korea. Their closest margin in the tournament is 15 goals, but it would be much larger if the coaches didn’t limit the team from scoring to avoid embarrassing opponents. Israel takes care of their competition and absolutely takes care of their own.

Learn about how the Israel National Lacrosse Team is doing on their first trip to the World Games and the motivation behind their excelled level of play! The men may be in the USA but their hearts are in Ashkelon.

Special thanks to Israel Lacrosse and the Jerusalem Post for empowering us to create this piece.