World’s Largest Shabbat Dinner Includes Israel Lacrosse


Editors Note: Tel Aviv is a place that is filled with culture. Here in the city there is never a dull moment. Last weekend, our Israel Lacrosse family was able to participate in the World’s Largest Shabbat Dinner. Our newest intern Sarah Orbuch reflected on her time:

Last night Israel Lacrosse was fortunate enough to participate in the Guinness World Records’  world’s largest Shabbat dinner.

All 20 of us, full time staff and new interns walked together to hanger 11 at the mall in Tel Aviv.

The men begrudgingly wore their blue Israel Lacrosse polos while the women got to dress up. When we got there, the women were invited upstairs to light candles while the men began Kabbalat Shabbat.

It was incredibly crowded and difficult to get upstairs to the candles, but once we got there it was a really special experience. There were dozens of women, both young and old, lighting candles alone or with their families, and there were no men. This Shabbat was put together through Chabad, and thus there are gender restrictions which is why there were only women lighting candles.

After candle lighting and Kabbalat Shabbat, we were invited inside for dinner. There was so much energy and excitement in the room. Everything had to be done at specific times for the event to be considered a world record, so the Rabbi’s were very strict on when we could drink, eat and when the first course had to be served.

Of course, we were all hungry and thirsty so the whole waiting thing proved to be difficult for us. Eventually we were allowed to drink and eat, but the first course, salmon, had to be served within five minutes in order for dinner to be Guinness worthy. The serving staff was in top form, and there was salmon on every table in less than five minutes.

Once the first course was served, the rest of the courses quickly followed with dessert at the end. The whole night was a really great opportunity for us to network and show off Israel Lacrosse, but also to be with fellow Jews in Tel Aviv and celebrate Shabbat.

For one night we were a part of something that will be in the record books, we were part of the World’s Largest Shabbat Dinner.