A Summer Abroad: Lacrosse and Culture


Today a few Israel Lacrosse coaches and myself spent time coaching in Ramla at Bar Ilan, a religious school.

At the religious schools in Israel the girls and women are required wear clothing to make someone not accustomed to the desert heat a little uncomfortable.


As a sign of respect I attended this school in my Israel Lacrosse polo shirt and a long pair of pants, something I would prefer not doing in such hot weather! The boys and girls were separated while playing the sport, something that we usually do co-ed at this age. The girls I worked with were dressed in long skirts, something surprisingly familiar considering I have worn a skirt or kilt as part of my lacrosse uniform my entire life (mine, however did not reach below my knees).

Today, just like most days, we had a difficult time communicating with one another but I was able to use the Hebrew words I do know to teach the girls how to cradle, a very important part of the game. I know that I am in this country to teach the children the game of lacrosse but there is so much I have learned from the girls as well.

I am very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with these girls who live such a different life from myself.