A Summer Abroad: First Days On the Job


Editor’s Note: As summer approaches, Israel Lacrosse has been going through some changes. Several Interns have been arriving in Israel to work for the summer. One of them is recent Wheaton College graduate Taylor Roy. We asked Taylor to reflect on some of her first experiences.

Today myself and other members of Israel Lacrosse visited the Jaffa Democratic School to work with students on the basics of lacrosse and help promote the sport.

I always have a great time working with beginners on the basics of the game of lacrosse but working with the children in Israel is a little different then what I am used to in the United States.

Having not been in Israel for over two years my basic Hebrew knowledge is a little lacking, thus teaching children who barely speak English, or do not speak it at all, is very challenging for both me and the children.


As I continue to coach with these children, I know, my Hebrew will improve. Also, many of these children have never even seen the game before so they tend to get a little nervous when first picking up a lacrosse stick.

As a female, I tend to try and recruit the young girls to try the sport. Israel is different from the States in that girls are not encouraged to participate in sports the same way they are in America. However, once Israeli girls get the hang of managing a stick they seem to enjoy it and want to learn more. I had a blast working with the beginners and watching the kids who have been practicing for a while now, I am excited to see what the rest of my time in Israel brings.

Tomorrow, Israel Lacrosse heads to Ramla to work at a religious school, blog post to follow.