A Different Kind of Player Profile: Adam Waddell

Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

Adam Waddell is a name that I’ve come very familiar with since I’ve been here in Israel, and a name that every other person involved with Israel Lacrosse is also familiar with.

Adam will not be competing for Israel in the FIL World Championships this year but he has been and always will be part of the Israel Lacrosse team and family.

Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo
Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

Adam moved to Israel after his time in Virginia Tech, influenced by his mother who is Israeli, and the many summers he spent here as a child. Already speaking fluent Hebrew, Adam did his service in the Israeli Defense Force, then went back to school where he majored in Marine & Environmental Biology. Regarding his time at time at university in Israel, Adam said:

The college I studied at was a small school with almost all Israelis. This experience allowed me to totally immerse myself into the Israeli culture and state-of-mind while retaining my American identity.

Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo
Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

Adam became more and more interested in his roots and the land of Israel as a result of his studies. He decided to become a tour guide. Adam has held several different tour guide jobs and also uses his degree to serve as a school teacher. He teaches Ecology and Biology of the Sea of Galille which is near Kibbutz Beit Zera, Adam’s home. Here Adam lives with his Israeli wife and 11 month old son.

Adam’s next step is to begin the ‘Official Israel Tour Guide Course.’ Adam says:

I see tourism as an ambassadorship of sorts which will give me the opportunity to explain to visitors the intricacies of Israel and the complexities that characterize our country.

Now where does Israel Lacrosse fit into all of this? Adam has been a part of Israel Lacrosse for the past three years. He describes his pride in the country as the reason he became a tour guide, but also the reason he became a part of Israel Lacrosse. Adam played for the Israeli National Team during the 2012 European Championships in Amsterdam.


With his family and other happenings in his life, Adam has begun playing less and less lacrosse, however he is still very much involved in the Israel Lacrosse community.

Adam has now become a referee and is used mainly for the Israel Premier League. On reffing, Adam said:

I hope to learn the rules of the game, in depth, in order to help build the league in Israel, pass my knowledge on to others, as well as represent Israel in tournaments abroad. After leaving the game of lacrosse in high school I never imagined that I would return to the game, and in Israel of all places. I look forward to playing a role in building this game and spreading a positive competitive attitude to a new generation of Israeli players.

Along with refereeing here in Israel, Adam also served as a ref at the Ales Hrebesky Memorial Box Lacrosse Tournament in Radotin this past April. Adam was the only representative from Israel.

He is also the first ever lacrosse referee in Israel.


Adam is an alumni player, a ref, and most of all a friend. It inspires me to see people like Adam who are so passionate about growing the game and more importantly, people who are so passionate about this country that I now call home.

Adam exemplifies what it means to be part of Israel Lacrosse.