Team Goldstar Tel Aviv in Prague


This week was awesome for me and the boys of Team Goldstar Tel Aviv.

We traveled to Prague, Czech Republic to play in the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial Box Lacrosse Tournament.

We didn’t know what to expect, because most of us had never even played one box game in our entire lives.


Our first games were against the Ladner Pioneers from British Columbia, and the Native American team the Kahnawahke Rapids.

Both teams were filled with a lot of talent, but we managed to hold our own.

We survived group play and moved on to playoffs.

Harper Dodge Rapids

Chris Save Pioneers

Our first playoff was against a Czech team, Jizni Mesto.

Again, this team had a lot of experience and played together year round.

Unfortunately we fell 4-2 in a penalty ridden game on Thursday night.

We would continue to play to finish somewhere in the top 12.

Harper Hit Jizni Mesto

On Friday we woke up early to play the German team Bundeswehr Lacrosse.

Finally we got a W under our belts as we had our coming out party, beating the Germans 6-1.

Jake F/O Bundeswahr

Jake Dive Bundeswahr

Our next opponent was later that day, and it was the London Knights. This was probably our best game of the tournament.

It was a hard fought victory and the final was 7-5.

Dennenberg Save London

Our next and final game was for the 9th place spot.

Unfortunately the game was slated for Saturday afternoon, and our policy is that we do not play on Shabbat.

We forfeited the game to the Nova Scotia Privateers and took home a 10th place finish.

Jersey Backs

This was one of the most incredible tournaments I personally have ever played in.

The competition was awesome, and it was organized in a flawless manner.

For all those field players out there, box lacrosse is a good way to work on your stick skills and physical game, and I recommend you try it at some point. Maybe you can even get yourself on a team and head to Prague for next years tournament.

The Boys

Overall it was an awesome week with a bunch of good lacrosse players and incredible guys.

Can’t wait for next year with Team Goldstar Tel Aviv.

Who knows maybe you’ll see us on the podium in 2015…